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by Abe Deshotel

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bruce03 Abe, I can see you in this song. So many things to do, so many responsibilities. Service, kids, teaching, aaahhhhh! Totally..Analysis paralysis! I can relate. Thanks for writing that! Favorite track: Finish the Song.
I’ve got no time to waste I’ve got to pick up the pace Sittin here waitin for inspiration to strike me I wish I could just sit and wait til it comes and finds me But that’s not how it works You’ve gotta keep moving The song won’t write itself So get back to it get back to it I’ve got so much to do that I don’t know what I should do There’s gotta be a cheat code or something to make it all up It seems insurmountable, maybe I should just give up But that’s not gonna help You’ve gotta keep moving The story won’t write itself So get back to it get back to it I took my first step today I feel like nothing’s in my way
Hit My Head 02:49
I’m gonna hit my head on the ceiling It’s too low to walk freely Hit my head and I say owwwwww It’s too low to walk freely why can’t we get rid of the ceiling it’s too low to stand freely I wanna stand up But I don’t know howwwwww It’s too low And it’s keeping me down I’m held down by the ceiling without it I could stand up and be free You say I could move somewhere else But this is where I wanna be come on let’s get rid of the ceiling we’re growing and it’s only holding us back we’re moving on up and the time is nowwwwww we no longer need to be smacking our heads
Right Here 03:58
Wakin up early is just too tough for me I’ve gotta get up but I just can’t break free Maybe I’m lazy but maybe I just wanna be Here in the softness of morning just you and me so let’s stayyyyyyyyy right here Finally movin gotta get myself some caffeine Feeding these ducklings yea sometimes feels like a dream Growing and learnin so fast I can’t keep up Before I know it I’ll be missin my family So I’ll stayyyyyyy right here Legos and screaming and tv shows what we believe Will happen on the daily but really it don’t bother me Maybe I’m crazy but I’m sure I just wanna be Here in the moment with love in my family Bridge Better not blink or I’ll miss you Better not blink cause I don’t wanna miss you So I’ll stayyyyyyy right here


released March 5, 2020


all rights reserved



Abe Deshotel Brooklyn, New York

Abe creates giant washes of color and emotion with his uke and any other instrument he touches.

His songs will surround you in a warm embrace.

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